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Why does Muscle Tension And Tone

Why does Muscle Tension And Tone?

Didn’t listen when your mom nagged you to sit or stand up straight?  You should have.  If you’re a serial sloucher, you can probably trace your neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and aching back right back to your posture.

Slouching at our desks, craning over our phones, and leaning on one hip when standing might seem like innocuous behaviours, but they all contribute to our overall posture.

Oftentimes, pain in our muscles and joints is related to poor posture. One of the reasons why poor posture leads to pain is because bad posture puts strain on our muscles. This, in turn, causes tension and tightness.

But how exactly does poor posture increase muscle tension and tone?

Chiropractor Near Me Let’s us take a look.

neck pain
neck pain

How Poor Posture Affects Muscle Tension

Poor posture is particularly hard on the muscles of the body. The way in which the spine, head, neck, and hips are aligned can impact muscle tension in a number of ways.

Poor posture weakens muscles

Because poor posture places extra stress on the muscles, it tends to weaken them, making it harder for them to maintain the body’s position and stability over the long-term.

This weakness is the result of poor posture forcing the body to use muscle fibers that are dedicated to movement, called phasic fibers, to support the body, rather than using the muscle fibers that typically support posture, called static fibers.

Because the static fibers, which are the inner fibers of the muscle, are not being used, poor posture causes these parts of the muscle to weaken and lengthen. This makes it difficult for the individual to stand up properly, placing increased tension on the easily fatigued phasic fibers.

Poor posture puts more strain on the muscles

One of the most common forms of poor posture is called forward head, which forces the head in front of the body’s midline.

This type of posture adds significantly more weight that the muscles of the head and neck must support. With good posture, the head adds 10-12 pounds of weight to the torso. With bad posture, the head can add 27-60 pounds to the affected muscles.

In addition, poor posture can trigger the body to tighten certain muscles in order to create more stability. This tightness, combined with the strain of supporting extra weight, can lead to increased muscle tension, as well as neck, head, and back pain that interferes with daily life.

Poor posture tires the outer muscles

Phasic fibers, the outer fibers of the muscle, typically only contribute to movement of the muscle. Poor posture, by forcing them to work harder and take over more of the work of supporting the body, wears them out quickly, leading to soreness and chronic pain.

The muscle tension caused by poor posture can lead to a host of problems that leave people tired, sore, and even struggling to complete daily tasks. Here are some of the most common problems faced by individuals who have poor posture:

What Are Your Treatment Options?

We now know that poor posture can increase muscle tension and tone, which can cause health problems, pain, and mobility issues down the line.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your pain and get your body back on track.

Chiropractic Care for Poor Posture

If your poor posture is causing you any kind of discomfort, it’s important to have this seen to by a professional in kings park chiropractic clinic.Completing exercises at home without guidance may make the problem worse.

Chiropractor Near Me treat poor posture and other conditions related to the spine, muscles, bones, and joints (muscoskeletal conditons).   Chiropractors are primary contact practitioners, so you won’t need to worry about getting a referral from your GP.

Your chiropractor will complete a thorough case history by asking you questions about your symptoms and lifestyle.

They will then complete a postural assessment to examine the position of your head, shoulders, and pelvis.This allows them to determine if your alignment is imbalanced.You’ll likely be asked to complete mobility tests and you may require X-rays or other scans.   These tests will help your chiropractor identify any spinal conditions that may be present.

Depending on your pain profile, your chiropractor may recommend one or more of the following treatments to help improve your posture and eliminate your pain.

Adjustments – Your chiropractor will use their hands to adjust your joints, spine, and shoulders to get your body in a better position for good posture.This will also help with your mobility and reduce muscle tension caused by poor posture.

Soft Tissue Work – Your chiropractor will take you through muscle strengthening exercises to combat muscle weakness that has occurred due to poor posture.They will also stretch and massage certain areas to release muscle tension and relieve the muscles that have been overworked. This will help to rebalance your body and re-engage the static muscle fibres.

Stretches – It’s likely your chiropractor will help to stretch out your muscles in your head, neck, back, and shoulders.


Fixing Poor Posture and Releasing Muscle Tension and Tone

Over time, poor posture can cause increased tension in the muscles and create imbalance in the body.  This can lead to pain, mobility issues, stiffness, and numbness.

It’s important to visit a  Chiropractor Near Me for a comprehensive assessment.  They will be able to identify the cause of your poor posture, treat your discomfort through adjustments and soft tissue work, and provide you with a treatment plan to follow at home.

At Kings Park Chiropractic, Our team of expert chiropractors use state of the art healing technologies to get you back to living pain-free.  Visit our dedicated blog for a run-down on how much your chiropractic treatment will cost.

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