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Are you walking right

Are you walking right?

Walking is one of the healthiest and most accessible ways to move your body,Doctor LI said in kings park chiropractic clinic.It can improve blood sugar, boost your heart health and can even help you live longer.  One study found that walking just three times per week could significantly reduce dementia risk, too.  Best of all, walking is totally free, requires no gym and can take as much or as little time as you have to spend.  That said, there are a few things that can prevent you from making the most of your walk. Kings Park Chiropractic near me conclude 5 common walking mistakes and how to fix them so you’ll take more walks, get more steps and enjoy walking more than ever.


5 common walking mistakes

1.The Wrong Shoe

You probably already know that high heels aren’t the best choice. Tennis and basketball shoes also present problems. The stiffness of these court shoes helps support quick sideways movement but hinders the heel-to-toe flexibility that’s good for walking. Look for a shoe with a well-padded heel that’s light, breathable, and water-resistant. A running shoe might work as well as a walk-specific model.

2.The Bad Form

Sure, many of us learn to walk when we are so young we can’t really remember it and we probably haven’t thought about it much since.  However, your walking form deserves some attention, whether you are walking for exercise or just casually. We have a few simple tips for walking according to a barre instructor, and the fundamentals are front and center.  Be sure to roll your foot from heel to toe, and keep your feet hip width apart. Engage your core, keep your shoulders back and look forward to ensure your posture helps you get the most from your walk.If you are suffering from pain, Kings Park Chiropractic near me will help you.

3.Stuck in a Rut Do you love the trail by your house and savor your stress-relieving afternoon walks?  That’s great!  But there’s also much to be gained by switching up your routine once in a while.  The best way to improve your fitness levels and bust through a weight-loss plateau is to keep challenging your body.  This could mean switching your route or the length of your walk a couple times a week.  It could also mean adding power-walking or jogging intervals from time to time.  You could find a route with hills or varied terrain for a different workout.  Whatever the change, your body — and mind — will appreciate the variety.

4.Doggone Lonely

Don’t leave Fido at home. He’ll be thrilled to join you on your stroll about the neighborhood. And that enthusiasm might just rub off. It turns out that people who have dogs and take them for regular walks are more likely to hit 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, which is the least that experts recommend for good health.

5.The Wrong Drinks

Were you going to treat yourself to a soda on your walk? You’ll get too much sugar and more calories that you want. How about a sports drink? You probably don’t need extra electrolytes if you’re only going for a moderate walk. The best way to stay hydrated when you walk is with water. Reward yourself with something else that’s good for you, like spending time talking with a friend.


5 common walking methods

1-Get the Right Shoes

What makes a good walking shoe? Decent padding, material that “breathes,” water resistance, and flexibility from heel to toe are part of it. But the most important thing is fit. Your shoes should be loose enough so that you can wiggle your toes with ease, but snug enough to keep your foot from sliding around. If they rub and form calluses or corns, they’re too tight.

2-Set Goals

Make sure your goal is realistic when you first start.  If 20 minutes every day leaves you exhausted and sore, try 10 minutes on alternate days.  Raise it by 2 to 5 minutes each week as you build up your fitness.  Once you hit your goal for minutes per session, then you can start to add more days.  After that, if you want a more challenging workout, increase your speed or find a route with more hills.

3-Walk With Others

It’s a good chance to connect with friends and loved ones. Every walk then has the potential to turn into a pleasant social occasion. Plus, you’re less likely to cancel when someone’s made specific plans to spend time with you. If you can find a willing partner, you might try a regular date to meet up for a walk — daily, weekly, or whatever works best for the two of you.

4-Drink Water

You sweat more when you exercise, which means you lose water more quickly. When water levels get too low (dehydration) you might feel tired, nauseated, dizzy, or confused. You might not notice the sweat you lose if the air is cool. Top off your tank with a couple of extra cups in the hours before you head out for a walk. Consider bringing some with you if it’s really hot outside or you’re going a long way.

5-Keep Track

There are all kinds of gadgets and apps that can tell you how far you go each day in steps or miles. Some might even tell you how many calories you’ve burned. An app on your phone might be the easiest to use, but there are other small digital devices that do the same thing, and even a mechanical one called a pedometer that counts steps.

If you’re hitting a plateau and feel you just can’t get those steps, there’s usually something you can change to get more steps!  Don’t give up, keep walking and keep tracking your steps and you’ll get there.

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