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The chiropractor will tell you what causes cervical pain

The chiropractor will tell you what causes cervical pain

What is cervical pain? kings park chiropractic clinic chiropractor will tell you why?
Cervical or neck pain is the pain associated with spondylolysis or osteoarthritis of neck and affects the bones, disc or joints in the neck region. This condition involves changes in the bones, disc or joints that are connected to the neck. The primary cause of cervical pain is wear and tear of bones and cartilage of neck other causes are muscle strain, nerve compression, injury or disease condition.
A brief understanding of the anatomy of the neck will help out to know more about the causes of cervical pain! So let kings park chiropractic clinic chiropractor go in brief with.

Anatomy of Neck

In general terms, the cervical spine (neck) joins the chest and shoulders region to the head. It is one of the highly intricated structures of the human body and comprises of the spinal cord (that helps to convey message via neurotransmitter from the brain to rest of the body).
The cervical spine serves numerous role such as protect the spinal cord, facilitate support to the head and upper back region. Everyday activity or trauma put stress on the neck and is one of the prime reason behind cervical pain.

The chiropractor will tell you what causes cervical pain?

Top Cervical Pain Reasons

1)Overuse of the neck – muscle strain is defined as stretching or tearing of the muscle. some people’s everyday work involves tedious movements that put pressure on the spine, resulting in easy wear and tear. This does not have to involve just physical work like heavy lifting, but also desk jobs where posture can be a problem.

2)Herniated discs – it is a type of injury in the cervical region and generally occurs when cracks develop in the spinal discs. These cracks give way to leakage of the internal cushioning material which can in result, pressurize the spinal nerves and cords. Numbness, tingling and pain in the arms region are one of the common symptoms of cervical pain that are associated with such type of injury.

3)Dehydrated spinal discs – As we age,the discs between the spin slowly get degenerate and dry out at times and thus the rubbing of them can cause chronic cervical pain.

4)Cervical injury-Whiplash is a neck injury condition that generally occurs due to sudden movements of the head in backward and then forward direction. Neck injury is one of the primary cause of cervical pain.

5)Poor posture-maintaining good posture is essential for our overall well beings. It improves your health as well as build up your confidence level. A long working hour with poor posture put lots of pressure on your spine, resulting in pain and stiffness. Poor posture and irregular bedtime routine can lead to several disease conditions, and cervical pain is one of them.

In addition to these causes, there may be other regular bad body postures. If you’ve been cervical pain you should be seen by a doctor or chiropractor.

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