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Why does my back often hurt

Why does my back often hurt

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems.   It can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain.   Sometimes it can come on suddenly – from an accident, a fall, or lifting something heavy, or it can develop slowly because of age-related degenerative changes to the spine.   The kings park chiropractic clinic chiropractor near me has introduce,in some cases, inflammatory disorders or other medical conditions cause back pain. Back pain may also be caused by more-serious injuries, such as a spinal fracture or ruptured disk. It can also result from arthritis and other age-related changes in the spine. Certain infections can cause back pain.

Possible causes of back pain include:

Why does my back often hur

Bulging or ruptured disks

Disks act as cushions between the bones in the spine. The soft material inside a disk can bulge or rupture and press on a nerve. However, a bulging or ruptured disk might not cause back pain. Disk disease is often found on spine X-rays, CT scans or MRIs done for another reason.

Herniated or slipped discs

If your doctor mentions this, the soft tissue in the discs between your joints has come out. It’s usually caused by wear and tear. Herniated discs can cause pain in your lower back or hip because the nerves there are pressed.

Muscle or ligament strain

Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments. For people in poor physical condition, constant strain on the back can cause painful muscle spasms.


Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can lead to a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, a condition called spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis

If you have this, your spinal canal has narrowed. That adds pressure on your spine and nerves. As a result, your legs and shoulders probably feel numb. This happens to many people older than 60.


The spine’s vertebrae can develop painful breaks if the bones become porous and brittle.


Is a degenerative change in the spine, typically in the lower back. Arthritis is often associated with disc disease including herniation.

Cervical radiculopathy

This is a pinched nerve. It’s usually caused by a bone spur or a herniated disc.

Degenerative disc disease

Aging causes the discs between the vertebrae of the spine to break down.

Accidents and Injuries

Car accidents, falls, muscle sprains, strains, and fractures are also causes of back pain. Injuries can lead to some of the physical problems, but some can cause pain all on their own.

Other causes of back pain

Fibromyalgia, a condition of widespread muscle pain and fatigue.

Kidney stones or infections.

Endometriosis, which is the buildup of uterine tissue in places outside the uterus.

Infections that involve the bones of the spine or the discs between these bones, which can cause pain.

Tumors, in rare cases, that develop on the spine or other areas of the back.


Depending on the cause of your pain, your treatment could include lifestyle changes, medication, or possibly surgery.  Talk with your chiropractor near me if your back isn’t feeling right.  They can help you discover what’s causing the hurt and can help you feel better.

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