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Teaching basic first aid to kids

Teaching basic first aid to kids

The more time you spend outside with your kids, the more likely we all are to encounter some sticky situations. Cuts, scrapes, burns, and bruises can happen.  Even when we’re being careful. And no parent ever wants this, but it’s impossible that it will never happen. Kids can be really reckless and get themselves into pretty sticky situations as a result. While you may not always be able to protect them from getting hurt, what you can do is equip them to deal with such situations as much as possible. And this is where the importance of basic first aid knowledge comes in.

Today, we have Western Sydney Chiropractic Clinic Serves SuburbsChiropractor Near Me here to give you a primer on teaching basic first aid to kids. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the basics and then go over these practical first aid tips with your child. That way you can both be more confident and capable on your next outdoor adventure!

basic first aid
basic first aid

The importance of basic first aid

Whether we spend a little or a lot of time outside with our children, there comes a point when they will be venturing off on their own. We are trying to raise our kids to be kind, curious, thoughtful, and smart. We want them to make good decisions for themselves. But even when they do, injuries can happen. In that case, we want them to be as prepared as they can be to take care of themselves (and others). Injuries and medical care can be intimidating for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little knowledge, preparation, and forethought, you can prepare your kids to handle the basics of first aid.

Whether that’s in an emergency scenario or an everyday situation where basic first aid is necessary. Teaching first aid to children is something that will make you and your children more safe and confident in the outdoors.

Outdoor injuries happen

When a child gets an injury while outside, usually, someone runs for an adult.   But, wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids could properly care for their own minor injuries when there isn’t a knowledgeable adult nearby?   Wouldn’t that give you more peace of mind and give your child more independence?

While enjoying an outdoor adventure, there are inherent risks. Kids playing outside are running, jumping, climbing, roasting marshmallows over a fire, crossing a river, riding bikes, and countless other amazing activities. These things foster creativity, independence, self-esteem as well as mental and physical health. Nothing comes more naturally to children than play. And we want nothing more than for them to enjoy these activities with full abandon! Yet, injuries do happen.


First things first. If you can only teach your child ONE thing, it should be to stay calm in an emergency. When panic sets in, many times multiple people will be injured instead of just one. Things can go from bad to much worse if you panic. Injuries can be scary, so staying calm is easier said than done. But, with a little advanced preparation and knowledge, it’s much easier to keep your cool.

Roleplay with your kids to prepare

Be aware that scenarios involving mom or dad getting hurt can cause anxiety in children; so try to keep it light-hearted and not super scary. One of the best ways to teach children first aid is through scenarios and role play.  Explain the situation and ask your child what to do first.  Always remind them to take some time to fully assess the situation and think about it before acting or blurting out an action plan. This will remind your child to stop the panic and think.

How to care for scrapes and cuts?

While jumping on rocks, climbing trees, or making marshmallow sticks;  scrapes and cuts are some of the most common injuries of children.  Most of these will be minor and washing with soap and water and keeping it clean will aid in healing.


Simple steps for taking care of a cut:

1.Stay calm and assess the situation.

2.If there is major bleeding, immediately call for help and apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding.

3.If the injury is not major, apply pressure (usually just a few minutes) to stop bleeding and allow the body to form a clot.

4.Clean the area with soap and water if available, if not wipe with an alcohol wipe or iodine swab and let dry.

5.Apply an antibiotic ointment.

6.Apply a clean bandage or piece of gauze (secure with tape or Tegaderm), as needed.

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