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Common workout injuries

Common workout injuries

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level.  Even walking can cause an injury.

Workout injuries are injuries sustained while playing a sport or during exercise. Whether you’re an elite-level athlete, a fitness enthusiast or sporadically turn up at the gym, your risk of suffering an injury is never zero.

And whether you split your time at the gym doing isolated exercises for your arms,shoulders, back and legs, or do intense, full-body workouts, or perforn set workouts like crossfit, you can still suffer an injury if you lose focus or overstrain yourself, especially after a hectic day at work. Kings park chiropractic clinic  Physiotherapy near me,good at relieving back pain, waist pain, leg pain, spinal pain, cervical pain.

Wrist pain
Wrist pain

Common workout injuries

There are certain injuries that are more common among people who work out in gyms or exercise:

Bicep injury: Strains in the bicep muscles (in the upper arms) are quite common among fitness enthusiasts obsessed with lifting weights Performing set after set of dumbbell curls and overloading the weights can cause tendon ruptures in the biceps.

Pectoral strain: Exercises focused on building up the pectoral muscles can lead to soreness or pectoral strain. Although not common, pectoral muscle strains are caused due to a tear in the chest muscles. This can happen if you don’t balance the weight of the barbell equally on both sides or if you lose control.

Lower backinjury: Sitting in the office all day and then trying to perform deadlifts,over-the-shoulder lifts and squats is the perfect recipe for injuring your lower back. Poor posture throughout the day compounds problems for you if you are looking to set personal records in the gym. From a strain to more serious issues like a herniated disc, workout injuries in the lower back can be debilitating.

Knee injuries: Not having enough movement during the day due to the long office hours, the extra weight you’re carrying because of a sedentary lifestyle, and then performing squats, box jumps or other strenuous exercises can cause all sorts of problems in the knees. Patellofemoral PainSyndrome, or pain in front of the knee cap, is a common injury, as areligamentrelated injuries such as ACL or PCLproblems. Meniscus issues or bursitis in the knees are also par for the course for gym-goers.

Wrist pain: The constant lifting and dropping of weights, not focussing on correct techniques and the one hand being stronger than the other all mean the wrist joint is always exposed to injuries and can cause wrist pain. Right from push-ups to technical exercises like front squats or military presses require abnormal flexing of the wrist, and as a result, can lead to injury.

Neck pain: Poor posture and poor lifting techniques can cause neck pain.lf you spend several hours in front of the computer or on the phone daily,then this can make the pain worse. Lifting the neck up while performing bench presses or exercises where you lay flat on a bench will almost always result in neck pain.

Neck pain
Neck pain

Groin pull:Acommon running injury, a groin strain can also happen while performing exercises focused on the legs. Example, lunges. This type of injury is caused by overstretching of the inner thigh muscles, especially if the leg muscles are weak.

Shin splints:Contrary to popular belief, shin splints are not only caused because ofrunning. You can get them while performing high-intensity exercises like box jumps, or even while climbing a wall indoors.

Quad strain: While the back of the thigh remains in danger while

running,the front-quad muscles – are under threat during leg days in the gym.Keeping your legs immobile throughout the day and then going for explosive squats can be the cause of injuring your quadriceps.

Shoulder injury: Our shoulders are constantly at work while lifting weights in the gym, even though it may not be shoulder day. Bench presses,overhead presses or even deadlifts require the use of the shoulder joint and muscles. Soreness, as well as more serious shoulder injuries, are quite common. The hunched-over or closed-up shoulder positionsyou assume during the day – say, while sitting in the office or driving-doesn’t help either. Common shoulder problems include rotatorcuff tendinitis, frozen shoulder or common inflammation like bursitis

Sprainedankle: Ankle sprains are common injuries for runners on anyone playing sports, but they can take place even in the confines of a gym. Performing more intense cardio exercises or crossfit that require constant changing of direction can lead to a loss of balance, and lead you to hobble off the training area.

Hipinjuries:Your hip muscles are usually inactive for many hours during the day if you spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair. Due to this lack of movement in the hip, you may become prone to injuries like lT band syndrome-theIT band is a thick tissue in the outer side of the thigh-as well as bursitis in the hip. Even the non-threatening exercise cycle in the gym or plyometric exercises that focus on sideways movements can flare military presses require abnormal flexing of the wrist, and as a result, can lead to injury.

Elbow pain: Tennis elbow isn’t just associated with playing tennis Lateral epicondylitis, as it is also known, can happen if you overload on your lifts that require full extension and rotation of the elbow joint. Lifting too heavy or not following the right technique can lead to pain in the elbow.

If your injured area has not been properly retrained and rehabilitative, you risk it reoccurring or causing a different one altogether. Our kings park chiropractic clinic sports physiotherapists are able to customize individual treatment programs that can help your injury to heal and for your to safely regain your mobility and strength.

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