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Some symptoms of cervical pain

Some symptoms of cervical pain

Kings Park chronic Chiropractor tells us that the symptoms of cervical spine pain are generally a pain in and around the shoulder and neck region. Other symptoms may include:

Numbness and tingling

when the muscles, bones and tissue surrounding the neck region are stressed too much, the nerve becomes pinched resulting, you may feel numbness or weakness and tingling in the arms, hands, legs and feet as these parts are directly connected to the cervical nerves.

Stiffness in the neck

If pain, stiffness and weakness persist on either side of your neck or in the middle ear and extend to the back of your head and shoulder, it could be a prior symptom of cervical pain.

Muscle spasms

Muscular spasm is the sudden stiffening of muscles; it can be in any region of the body. It usually lasts up to a few hours or a day, and you can easily get rid of the pain by gentle stretching or by applying heat or ice packs. When it occurs in the neck, it causes unpleasant stiffness and pain resulting, difficulty to move your head. Then you must be seen by a doctor or chiropractor.
Difficulty in walking and other casual activities due to the lack of coordination. The chiropractor near me will be good to help you with this.

Some other symptoms

Related to cervical pain is a headache, shoulder pain, facial pain, decreased ability to move your head, dizziness or lightheadedness, difficulty in swallowing, tenderness and sharp shooting pain.
Symptoms may have different types of treatment that can be used to heal the pain. Therapy including exercises, home remedies for cervical pain and medications are options that are commonly considered for treating the condition. Kingspark chronic Chiropractor consultation is always a must before going on with any treatment for cervical pain.

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