Which Exercises To Avoid If You Have Spine Pain

Which Exercises To Avoid If You Have Spine Pain

Physical activity is a great way to prevent and treat back pain and Spine Pain – but did you know that some exercises can do more harm than good?

To avoid putting too much strain on the joints, ligaments, and muscles in your back, here is a list of exercises to avoid, as well as some alternatives. Talk to your chiropractor to determine which exercises are right for you.

  1. Sit Ups/Crunches – You may have heard that a strong core is important for your spine, but don’t do a bunch of sit ups in order to strengthen your core, because this action can be really hard on your spine. This motion tends to put excessive strain on your spinal discs, and if they are the source of your back discomfort, sit ups will only make your symptoms worse. Instead of sit ups or crunches, consider doing some planks.
  2. Running

     – Running is a very popular form of exercise, but it is also classified as a high-impact activity because of the shock your body absorbs with every step you take. You can try to land lightly on your feet and take some of this shock off of your spine, but oftentimes it’s best to just choose a different form of exercise. Swimming laps at the pool will help your spine avoid the high impact stress that it endures when you’re running.

  3. Biking

     – When done correctly, biking isn’t all that hard on your spine. However, if you don’t have the seat positioned correctly for your size, you have poor form or you like to bike off-road on some bumpier terrain, biking can take a significant toll on your spine. Talk to your doctor to see if biking is something you can safely pursue in spite of your spinal discomfort. If you’re set on biking but the position is hard on your back, consider a recumbent bicycle.

  4. Free Weights

     – You may think that the best way to strengthen your spine and overcome your back pain is to lift weights, but those heavy weights can overload an area that is already injured or weakened. Instead of lifting heavy weights, oftentimes it’s best to either lift lighter weights for more repetitions, or transition to other types of exercise, like resistance training. Trying to hit a new personal maximum while nursing a lingering back issue is a recipe for disaster.

If you can swap in some different exercises in lieu of these activities that can be a little harder on your back, you’ll be putting your spine in a better position to make a full recovery.

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