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Acupressure near me to Relieve Headaches

Acupressure near me to Relieve Headaches

Headaches are frequent cause for concern: Every 10 seconds, someone in the United States goes to the emergency room for a headache or migraine.  The three most common types of headaches—tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines—can range from mild aches to a debilitating pains, and are often difficult to treat.

While your primary focus may be to relieve the pain you feel from your headaches when you have them, it is even more important to identify their root cause to protect your health and well-being.  Food allergies?  Stress?  Lack of sleep?  There are countless possible triggers, many of which can be determined through tracking what you’re doing before the start of each headache and eventually noticing subtle patterns that could clue you in to why your head is hurting.


Locating Pressure Points for Headaches

Acupressure is the use of physical pressure in specific parts of the body called acupoints or pressure points. These points are used to release what the Chinese call qi, or the healthy flow of energy through the body.

Several such points are associated with headache relief. The pressure points for headaches include:2

LI-4 (Hegu): At the point where the thumb and index finger join together, LI-4 is frequently recommended for headaches and can help with migraines. Stimulation here can help after onset.

GB-20 (Fengchi): Another point associated with headache relief, GB-20 is on the top of the sternocleidomastoid, a muscle running from the back of the head to your shoulders. This spot is at the juncture of your neck and skull.

M-HN-9 (Taiyang): Located at tender depressions of the temples on both sides of the head, pressing on M-HN-9 is another common acupressure strategy for headache relief.

M-HN-3 (Yintang): This is the spot in the center of your forehead at the halfway point between your eyebrows. Associated with relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, pressure here may help with headaches.

LIV-3 (Taichong): Located at the first metatarsal region—a depression near where the big toe and the long toe meet—LIV-3 is noted as a point that helps relieve head pain.

PC-6 (Nei Guan): This point is frequently targeted by acupressure devices, and is associated with headache relief and management of nausea. It’s found in the inner wrist, about three fingers away from the palm of the hand. 


Acupressure Technique for Headache Pain Relief

Find a comfortable position and focus on deep breathing.  Press your finger firmly onto one of the headache relief pressure points (acupressure point) and massage it by moving in a small up-and-down or circular motion for several minutes.  There is no limit as to how often you stimulate a point to release the tension.

Tip: Teach a loved one how to give you acupressure—when receiving it from someone else, you can more fully relax and allow them to alleviate your headache.

While headaches are common, sometimes they merit medical attention, especially if accompanied by other symptoms.  See a doctor if your headaches persist or are frequent.  Seek emergency care if your headache is accompanied by a high fever;  stiff neck;  nausea;  confusion;  loss of consciousness;  or difficulty seeing, speaking, or walking.

Acupressure is also performed by licensed massage therapists with training in this modality.    Regular sessions may be helpful along with other treatments as a preventive measure.1    These professionals undergo significant training and are licensed by states to perform this work. Kings Park Chiropractic licensed massage therapists are good at Acupressure therapy.

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