Is Airplane ride giving you back pain? Follow these tips!

Is Airplane ride giving you back pain? Follow these tips!

Traveling for long hours in an airplane with forced immobility in the body can cause stiffness of the body and sometimes can also result in severe back pain. Another reason for back pain is the luggage and heavy baggage you carry in the cabinet. When you slide your luggage on a cart it doesn’t feel like you are carrying the weight but the movement of your arms and hands can lead to pain in the shoulder and back area.

What can I do to ease my back pain?


Believe it not your preparation begins before you even take off. The stronger your back and core is before the flight, the better chance you have of surviving it without pain. Participating in activities like Pilates or similar core strengthening exercises can go a long way in the battle against back pain.

There are methods to alleviate your back pain while you’re in the air as well. These include:

walking up and down the aisle every 40 minutes or so will allow your back muscles to loosen up a little.

Keep your legs in a proper position and your feet straight on the floor. Also, ensure that the knees and hips are at the same height. Doing this will help in keeping stress off from the lower back.

If you have lower back issues, bringing a lumber pillow will be essential to keep you comfortable and reduce lower back pain during the flight. Plane seats typically have no lumbar support and your lower back will the unsupported and strained for the whole flight if you do not bring your own lumbar pillow.

If you are still experiencing pain after your flight, it’s important to get up and moving. Avoid sitting or lying down for long periods of time as this could just make the pain worse.
Seeing your chiropractor is always an option if you are feeling the effects of flight related back pain. Sometimes a simple adjustment to your spine before and after a plane trip can save you from dealing with unnecessary back pain. Talk to your chiropractor about good posture techniques and exercises for your travels.

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