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Improving Flat Feet Conditions With Chiropractic Care

Improving Flat Feet Conditions With Chiropractic Care

We live in an age where counting our steps everyday has become the norm. People spend an average of four hours each day on their feet and take 8,000 to 10,000 steps. It’s easy to forget the part of our body taking the brunt of those steps, our feet! For those with flat feet, the repetitive stress can take a toll.

What does it mean to be flat-footed?

Flat-foot means a lack of the medial longitudinal arch of the foot.
Few people have actual flat-feet. A true flat-foot is referred to as rigid pes planus. This is where the foot is completely flat even during non-weight bearing. This condition affects just under two per cent of adults.
What most people with flat-feet suffer from is called flexible (or functional) pes planus. Between 20 and 25 per cent of adults are estimated to have this form of flat-feet. (In this case, the arch will appear normal when the person is sitting (i.e. not bearing weight). However, when you stand up, you won’t be able to place an index finger under the arch. This is the form of flat feet we’re referring to in this blog.

Assessing Your Pes Planus Condition

As previously mentioned, you can determine if your arch height and curvature are adequate on your own. All you have to do is stand on your bare feet and try to slide a pencil under the arch from the inside of each foot, which is the side of your big toe. If you are able to slide half of the pencil, your pes planus is moderate, and nothing much to worry about unless you experience the aforementioned symptoms. If only a quarter or less of the pencil can slide between the floor and the arch, chances are that this condition will eventually bother you.
Shoes can be a big deal when it comes to pes planus because it is the sole that actually contacts the ground, and most likely causes the arch of the foot to flatten if it does not provide adequate support.
It is generally advisable that you avoid wearing high-heeled shoes or any shoe that is very tight in the back. This type of footwear can cause your foot to be misaligned, which increases the pressure on the plantar fascia. As a result, you can experience pain because your arch height will be decreased.

With regard to chiropractic diagnosis and assessment, you can expect the following:

  • Questions about your general health and medical history.
  • Your gait and posture will be observed and measured in terms of position, body mechanics, muscle strength, joint mobility, and flexibility.
  • Questions about your work routine.
  • An assessment of spinal health in case a subluxation is exacerbating your flat feet condition.

Depending on the chiropractic assessment, the treatment plan may include the following:

  • A prescription for orthotic devices, which can be as simple as shoe inserts or wedges.
  • Guided exercises and physical therapy focused on the flexing and strengthening of key muscles to alleviate strain and overload.
  • A plan to consciously adjust gait for maximum efficiency; this is a long-term aspect of treatment that eventually becomes second nature.
  • Joint and spinal adjustments as needed.

In the end, chiropractic therapy can be just what you need to help you with pes planus. Chiropractic care is well-suited for flat feet and other foot conditions, particularly those that are related to subluxations of the spine.
With this treatment plan, your body’s internal skeletal system will ultimately be strengthened and your muscles will be trained to support the function of your feet and lower legs. This helps the natural musculoskeletal system to stabilize itself and be free of pain. All of this can potentially decrease the number of times you suffer from foot conditions and improve your overall level of health.

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