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5 Things You Must Know about Spinal Decompression Today

5 Things You Must Know about Spinal Decompression Today

Chronic back pain can affect your quality of life. Persistent symptoms that come with the condition only get you thinking of finding relief. You might have explored various pain relief options, like massage, exercises, epidurals, or heat packs. However, the respite from pain was short-lived, and you’re back to feeling the discomfort again.

At some point, have you heard of spinal decompression therapy? Many people think it’s a type of surgery, but there’s more to the treatment. When performed by a professional chiropractor, spinal decompression won’t require surgery in several cases.

An overview of spinal decompression

A chiropractor may offer this treatment to patients who have been suffering from back problems. This process works by stretching the spine and changing its position. When the chiropractor does this, the spinal disks feel less pressure. It may help water, oxygen and other fluids move effectively through the body. The chiropractor will have the patient lie on the table face-down and then controls a traction system via a computer. The doctor will customize the treatment to fit the client’s needs.

Conditions it may address

Patients enjoy spinal decompression because it may help reduce the symptoms of several different conditions. The chiropractor can treat bulging or herniated disks with this therapy. People with worn spinal joints or injured nerve roots may benefit from this intervention. It may also be effective for patients who complain about neck pain, including tingling in the neck extending to the leg.

Patients who may need it

Spinal decompression may not be for everyone. It is helpful to understand what issues may lead to a person seeking this treatment. People who experience numbness in the back or legs might benefit. Also, patients who have tingling sensations in their neck or back may want to consider this treatment. When other treatments have not successfully relieved pain, spinal decompression could be the next step to reducing these feelings.

Surgical spinal decompression

For more severe cases of back problems, the doctor may suggest getting surgery. This a rarer intervention but may be right depending on the patient’s issues. The surgery can repair ruptured disks and growths on the spine. It is always good to speak to the doctor first about concerns and questions.

Enjoy pain-free days

Your back problems may be so significant that you cannot even remember what it is like to live without pain. Thanks to spinal decompression, you can end this discomfort. A chiropractor near you can administer this treatment and help you enjoy the healthy living you want. Make an appointment today to discuss your options and what to expect from this procedure.

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