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Children’s Adjustments same as Adults?

No, but the basic premise of Chiropractic Treatment is the same for adults as it is for children.Their main goal is to restore proper alignment, alleviate pain, and contribute to overall health and wellness. It’s crucial to take care of our bodies at the youngest age in order to prevent lifelong pain or chronic issues. Let’s dive deeper into the differences, if any, between adult and child chiropractic care.


During birth, a baby can experience trauma as they exit the birth canal. This delivery can affect their body and may not be noticed until symptoms appear months down the road. A chiropractor can help to align their tiny spines so that they do not have severe issues down the road, or simply so they can sleep better at night. Chiropractors will be much gentler than they would be with an adult. Although adjusting an adult can take some strength and brute, this intensity isn’t necessary for children.

Treatment Reason

Parents seek out chiropractic care for many reasons. Of course, trauma from birth such as torticollis, plagiocephaly, tongue tie and low tone. If children are not meeting their milestones, a pediatric chiropractor will examine the developing nervous system to develop a care plan and exercises to integrate primitive reflexes.

As a child develops, parents might notice risks associated to bad posture, scoliosis or lack of coordination. Chiropractic care can help balance both the brain and spine to improve these conditions.

Chiropractic care can also accelerate recovery from sports for both children and adults. Injuries to the spine, knees, shoulders and everything in between can be diagnosed and treated in a chiropractor’s office. Modalities such as ultrasound is not for developing bones, however, once children are old enough to sit still in the teen years, electric stimulation can also help recover and back to normal activities.


Ultrasound and electro therapy are commonly used in chiropractor offices. Although they benefit adults, they aren’t used on children regularly. This is because it’s difficult to have a child sit still for up to 15 minutes. The electro machine’s current may also worry a child with its new sensation that they’re not used to. A big key difference between adult and child chiropractic care is the therapy provided outside of spinal adjustments.

Providing children with regular chiropractic visits can help their bodies adjust to growing pains over the years. It may also prevent injury from their extracurricular life. 

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