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Chiropractic Isn't Pseudoscience — What to Know About Its Benefits and Limits

Is Chiropractic Therapy Only For Short-term Treatment?

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The spinal nerves are distributed to the tissues and organs of the human body, and the human meridians enter the internal organs from the spinal nerves on both sides of the spine. Therefore, abnormal changes in a certain part of the spine will affect the corresponding internal organs and nervous system. The dysfunction of the internal organs causes a series of discomforts in the human body, such as headache, neck pain, insomnia, or suffering from gynecological functional diseases, etc.

Chiropractic adjustments help patients by applying external force to correct misalignment in the spinal segments. The nerve is stimulated through the action of force, and the nerve compression is relieved to achieve the effect of dredging the meridians, invigorating blood circulation and removing stasis, so that the function of the internal organs returns to normal.

Chiropractic therapy is mainly effective for functional diseases of internal medicine, especially a series of functional diseases of internal organs related to the spine, but if there are organic lesions in the internal organs, chiropractic therapy has no therapeutic effect on it.

Chiropractic is the medical and health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system and their impact on overall health. So, chiropractic therapy is not only for short term-treatment.

American Chiropractic uses the X-ray films taken with special requirements to accurately and thoroughly analyze the deviation of the spinal structure, and solve the problem of spinal deformity with scientific correction methods, so as to achieve the purpose of treating spinal-related diseases.

What chronic conditions do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractic focuses on the overall study of the human body, emphasizes the interrelationship of various organs and tissues in the human body, and seeks a way to maintain and restore natural physiological balance and physical balance.

It can correct the abnormal spinal displacement through natural therapy, adjust the unreasonable deformation of the spine, change the biomechanical structure of the spine, and relieve the possible interference to the spinal nerves or blood vessels. Fundamentally and gradually change and eliminate the pathogenic factors, so as to achieve the effect of thorough treatment and prevention.

There are many other benefits that chiropractic can bring to patients. Chiropractic care can stimulate the brain to release endorphins which can be quick but temporary pain relief in the human body. It can also help you improve range of motion and relieve your surrounding muscle, which enable your body to have a better performance of blood flow. A healthy blood supply leads to a healthy body.

When you have arthritis, you can also seek chiropractic care, which can help reduce the inflammation and pain by correcting the misaligned spine. The improper alignment of your spine will affect the nerve system, leading to various problems in your body. Careful and precise physical therapy will solve these problems. Chiropractors find out the reason for your pain, and they resolve the underlying problems. 

The health care of the spine is very important. When people think that they do not have any spinal problems, the occurrence of symptoms may have reached a critical level. Osteoarthritis caused by subluxation can occur slowly in decades of ordinary life, while the body is constantly adapting to changes in joints during the development of arthritis. Occasional symptoms occur, people are often thinking it is a normal and inevitable phenomenon caused by the increase of age, and thus do not realize the importance of spine care.

Short term chiropractic or long term chiropractic

Chiropractic treatments that last only a short time are called short-term chiropractic treatments. This therapy requires only one or two doctor visits or lasting weeks to months of therapy to achieve its goals.

Short-term treatment typically includes spinal manipulation, spinal traction, chiropractic, laser or ultrasound techniques, prescribed exercises for home use, postural corrections, supports, and take-home tools.

Long-term chiropractic treatment is a treatment that lasts 6 months or more, or indefinitely. There are also multiple treatments for long-term treatment, but one type of treatment needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis.

If you have acute injuries and a continued problem, you may be better off opting for short-term chiropractic. Although chiropractic is helpful for some short-term treatments, many patients require long-term treatment to recover.

The forms of treatment depends on your physical condition and problems. Chiropractic is not only suitable for short-term treatment, but also for maintenance. Sometimes a combination of short-term and long-term treatments is needed to get the most benefit.

Intensive chiropractic treatments in short period of time can cure the pain caused by spinal misalignment. However, the pain is not the only indicator to monitor the progress of recovery. Treatment plans for certain conditions should be made to achieve pain relief and at the time to prevent the reoccurrence of pain. Patients who have regular chiropractic care on a monthly basis can feel not only pain free but also the improved quality of life.

How long will I need to keep going to the chiropractor?

If your spine issues are permanent, no matter what the causes are, long-term, ongoing chiropractic treatments are required. If treatment is stopped, it may cause a recurrence of the disease.

If your spine is normal and in good health, you may choose for regular spine checkups, as well as preventive care programs, to prevent your spine from becoming disordered. Some patients choose chiropractic treatment only when the pain is unbearable or becomes unbearable.

The interval between each treatment depends on your goals and the problem you are treating.

Should I visit the chiropractor even if I am not in pain?

America’s medical system is based heavily on the “sick care” model. This term describes the phenomenon of only seeking medical care when you are sick. Living according to this model often means looking for quick yet temporary fixes.

A healthier treatment plan is to take a preventive spine program. You can have regular chiropractic examinations to see if there are any problems with your spine, identify potential problems with your spine, and treat it before it develops pain and discomfort. Regular spine maintenance by health care practitioners like chiropractors can also keep your spine in relatively good condition, keeping you healthy and free from pain.

You cannot keep yourself healthy if you wait until the pain or disease occurs to see a chiropractor.

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