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Chiropractic Care For Children: Controversies and Issues

The History Of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a completely natural, non-surgical, drug-free, painless treatment that is as comfortable as the massage. It is popular in Europe, America, and Australia.

Its originator is the American Doctor of Chiropractic D. D. Palmer. In 1895, based on the principles of human vertebrae and nervous system, he implemented a kind of chiropractic therapy which is like the ancient Chinese “massage” and “bruises”. The method is based on the deviation of the human spine, using different sitting and lying positions, and various techniques, pain relief and therapeutic effects can be achieved within a few minutes.

Chiropractic is to use the natural healing method to correct the spine, so that the nerves are no longer violated, and the original function is restored, which is the most gentle and effective method to fundamentally treat the disease.

In children, chiropractic is also commonly used as primary or complementary therapy for non musculoskeletal conditions such as infantile colic, enuresis, asthma, recurrent otitis media, and illness prevention. In Australia, more than 30,000 paediatric patients (0-18 years old) accept chiropractic treatment every week. There is a chiropractors association of Australia, having superior Sydney chiropractors, Melbourn chiropractors, etc.

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What Conditions Do Chiropractic Treat For Children? Chiropractor Near Me

If the spine is misaligned, it will affect the nervous system of the human body, thereby affecting the health of the human body, which is the source of various diseases.

The spinal nerves are distributed to the whole human body. Therefore, abnormal changes in a certain part of the spine will affect the spinal cord and organs. The dysfunction of vertebral body joints and internal organs can cause a series of discomforts in the human body, such as dizziness, headache, ear infections, insomnia, or gynaecological functional diseases.

During the development of children, due to improper exercise, sports injuries, abnormal posture, and habits, it is very easy to cause vertebral subluxation. Scoliosis is a disease that is harmful to children’s health, which seriously affects the normal development of infants and children. Children under 12 years old have the best age to treat.

Spinal manipulation was, by far, the most common form of manipulative therapy, followed by exercises, soft tissue treatment, and postural and nutritional counselling.

Chiropractors need to master a wide range of knowledge about the chiropractic profession to provide treatment for different patients, meeting the demands of the patient. All Australian chiropractors abide by a national Code of Conduct to ensure best practice and maintain the highest level of professional competence and ethics within the scope of practice.

Increasing parents treat manual therapies as the important care of children. Chiropractors can play an active role in monitoring development, motor skills, and wellbeing through assessments.

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Parents often take their children to chiropractic therapy for the reason of building up their body and improving their development, as it can benefit their brain, spine, and nerves, bringing them better performance in school and community.

Why Should We Take Our Children To Chiropractic? Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractic care can help children in many aspects. The most important benefit is to maintain the health growth of the spine system. A Healthy spine system can enable children to avoid some diseases caused by Scoliosis. It also helps children keep away from the slouching posture especially when they spend increasing time in front of TV, computers, and video games.

Some studies also show that children who receive the scheduled chiropractic treatment have better immune systems than those who do not. Children are vulnerable, and they easily get sick in an external environment. The former has less chance to be ill when in contact with others in public places. It can help children be healthier and stronger when growing.

When it comes to infants’ colic, chiropractic care also has effective results of treating. It can reduce the frequency and time of infants crying every day. And the colic also helps to heal earlier.

Parents also seek help from chiropractors to relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies when treating children. They find that nutritional counselling is much helpful instead of taking alternative medicine obeying the medical doctor.

Children who are hard to be concentrated at or focusing on things may find positive effects from chiropractic care. They tend to have peace of mind when having spinal manipulative therapy, which enables them to concentrate on what they are doing both at school and home.

Children may have scoliosis when being born or developing. Attentive parents may find that their children’s shoulders are too high, or the hips are too low resulting in ill-fitting clothing. A comprehensive chiropractic examination can help detect scoliosis early. In this way, corrective action can begin with a specific chiropractic adjustment plan.

Quality evidence also shows chiropractic treatment is helpful for children’s sleep. Sleep plays an important role in the growth of children. Insomnia will lead to lower performance at school, slower reaction time and mental health disorders. Spinal manipulation can help children to relax their tight muscles and release mild to moderate back or neck pain, leading to a good quality sleeping.

Controversies And Issues

Although there are many benefits of chiropractic care, there is no conclusive scientific evidence and systematic reviews to support the actual function of treating children with certain diseases. There is no specific research of randomized controlled trials monitoring the long term effect of the chiropractic treatment for infants and children. Some parents may be concerned about the non-effect of chiropractic care, wasting their money. Some of them even think that it may be harmful to their children.

In fact, chiropractic brings different results according to different conditions. It is common for children to have chiropractic care in Australia. If parents tend to choose chiropractic treatment for their children, they should select a suitable and efficient therapy and approaches to help children.

Families who seek health care from chiropractors should have a deep communication with their chiropractors. After the conversation, parents can be fully informed and be able to make the decisions.

Further, some related studies should be published to provide scientific evidence of chiropractic care for children. When facing diverse conditions of paediatric patients, it is essential to have quality research for parents to refer to.

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