Is It normal That I Feel Sore After Chiropractic Care?

Neck pain, headaches and lower back pain are the common musculoskeletal problems that patients seek for chiropractic treatment. For patients who see chiropractors regularly, they may feel relief immediately and experience less or even no side effects. Feeling weird after chiropractic adjustment is a common reaction especially after the initial chiropractic adjustment. To more specific, chiropractic patients may feel soreness after an adjustment. Those who have this side effect may question whether it is normal to feel sore after spinal manipulation. The short answer is a “yes” and there are a couple reasons why you feel sore.

Soreness – Chiropractor Near Me

No matter what kind of treatment methods always come with certain side effects. The level of soreness varies to different patients. Sometimes patients may not feel any aching and soreness at all after treatment. In contrast, some may experience the pain feel worse before it gets better.

The correction of spinal misalignment slightly moving your vertebrae back to the original position may change the length of the surrounding muscles. The overactive or under-active paraspinal muscles or muscle groups attaching to the vertebra are reset and reach the equilibrium by spinal manipulation. Proper alignment not only have an effect on muscles and joints but also on the nervous system, which improves the control of affected muscle groups and modulate pain sensitivity of the pain site.

The impact on people who have chronic pain or first time to be adjusted is more significant. It is similar to you experience muscle soreness after working out due to the muscle repair. Your body does the same. After chiropractic care, the body needs sometimes to get used to the new position of vertebra and muscle length. At the same time, the joint and muscle tension are released. The soreness may last from 24 hours to 48 hours. Soreness occurring within this time frame is absolutely normal. If the occurrence of soreness exceeds more than 48 hours, you should talk to your chiropractor to reevaluate the treatment plan and modality .

What can you do to minimize soreness after chiropractic? Chiropractor Near Me

If the soreness appears after spinal adjustment, there are certain tips for dealing this soreness and promoting the process of recovery.

Heat and ice

Muscle soreness and aches can be decreased by applying moist heat therapy. Heat therapy can make blood vessels dilated to improve blood flow and stiffness to the affected area. Ice can also be used if there is any swelling, which is extremely rare after chiropractic treatment.


Being active is a key to accelerate the recovery of soreness and prevent stiffness. The prescribed home stretches can be done to decrease soreness. It is recommended not to hold in the same position for too long, for example, prolonged sitting and standing. The alternation to different postures every 20 to 30 minutes is good for the recovery process. The chiropractor will recommend there are particular activities and exercises that may lead to injury. 

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