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Exercise to ease lower back pain – Chiropractor Near Me

Do you feel a stiff and tight back after prolonged sitting; Long-term hunchback posture, whether your back has caused muscle strain or muscle ache; If you already have chronic back pain, this article can definitely help you to relieve low back pain.

While most of us tend to use “bed rest” or take anti-inflammatory drugs when it comes to pain. Lower back pain can also be relieved through doing home exercises and gentle stretches. Not all exercises help alleviate back pain. The goal of home exercise is to strengthen lower back muscles, glutes, abdominal muscles and increase blood circulation to these regions. Here is an exercise guide for lower back pain relief and muscle relaxation.

  • Stretch your back on flat ground

Start with a prone position and place your hands under your shoulder joints like going to do a push-up.

Push your upper body up and keep your pelvis on the ground. Try to arch backwards as much as possible without feeling any lower back discomfort. Hold in this position for a few seconds and back to the starting position.

This gentle stretch can help to improve lumbar lordosis.

  • Wall squats

Wall squat is an isometric exercise that works your lower body muscles including glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominal muscles. It is not utilized to build muscle volume, but to improve muscular endurance.

In a standing position, leaning your back against the wall without a gap. Walk one or two steps forwards while slide down to bend your knees and hips at around the right angle.

Your hands can be placed next to your body against the wall or can be crossed in front of the chest.

Hold at least for 30 seconds. Then stand upright and rest for 30 seconds

Repeat 4-5 times.

  • Knee to chest stretches

In a supine position with extended knees on the mat.

Bend your left knee and hip as much as possible and stabilize it with your arms while the other leg straight.

Hold this position for 15-30 seconds after reaching the chest, keeping your lower back close to the ground during the whole movement.

Then return to the starting position and switch the other leg. Repeat two to four times on each leg.

  • Hip bridge (glute bridge)

Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Knees at the hip width and both arms kept next to the body.

Slowly raise the buttocks up until straightening the hip joint. Meanwhile, squeeze your glutes as hard as possible and keep your abdominal muscles tight.

Hold in this position for 6 seconds or so, then slowly lower the buttocks to the ground.

Repeat this action 8-12 times.

  • Bird dog exercise

Kneel on the mat with your both arms straight under your shoulder. Always tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your neutral pelvic tilt.

Raise and straight your left leg to form a straight line with the pelvic while reach the opposite arm forward that is parallel with the body and left leg.

Try to keep your stretched leg and arm in horizontal plane as straight as possible.

Do not rotate your hips and shoulders. Hold for about 5 seconds.

Then slowly lower your straight leg and arm to the starting position. Repeat the same steps for the right leg and left arm. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Core exercises – Chiropractor Near Me

Core exercises not only strengthen abdominals but also improve lower back pain. However, doing core exercises at the wrong time may escalate low back pain.

  • Sit-ups

Sit-ups and crunches may look similar, which both strengthen the abdominal muscles. If you suffer from lower back pain, sit-ups may not be suitable for you. Sit-ups use more hip flexors that connect to the lumbar spine than core muscles. Hip flexors being overtightened can predominantly increase lumbar lordosis that cause lower back discomfort. Furthermore, doing it on hard surface puts plenty of pressure on the lumbar spine can led to soreness.

  • Supine leg lifts

Supine leg lifts are considered as an exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles and reduce lower back pain. However, doing supine leg lifts may worsen lower back pain. Strong core strength is the prerequisite of doing supine leg lifts. Otherwise, supine leg lifts may not be an exercise to help you recover from lower back pain.

If you are not sure whether particular home exercise is beneficial for you or not, you should consult a health care practitioner for medical advice.

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