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Is Chiropractic Waste Of Money?

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Have you ever tried chiropractic treatment for overuse, muscle injuries and sports injuries? Musculoskeletal pain such as neck pain, lower back pain and shoulder pain and nerve impingement caused by disc herniation are the most common reasons that people seek for chiropractic care. Chiropractic is complementary medicine or alternative medicine that utilise manual therapies to treat mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors manipulate the spine to correct misalignment while medical doctors prescribe medicine for treatment. Normally, patients with chronic pain need regular chiropractic treatment to maintain the joint motion and control the pain level. In contrast, people with acute pain require more intensive and frequent chiropractic care at the beginning in order to get pain relief.

Once acute pain is alleviated, these patients believe that further chiropractic care is not necessary and is a waste of money. However, the recurrent pain occurs easily when going back the previous working routine or posture and the body cannot compensate anymore. Patients with acute pain may need to see allied health practitioners frequently for pain management. It becomes a vicious cycle which not only patients suffer from the pain again and actually spend more money than receiving regular chiropractic maintenance. There are numerous benefits of having regular chiropractic care even you do not have any pain. What possibly happen if poor posture and subluxation are not fixed for a long time?

Long Term Musculoskeletal Conditions – Chiropractor Near Me

Poor posture – Chiropractor Near Me

Resting muscle tone is a tense that muscles are against gravity at rest to allow maintaining normal posture. For stationary posture such as sitting and standing, particular muscle groups are coordinated in order to maintain a sustained posture and be against the gravity.

The posture of head shifting forward, rounded shoulder and hunched back shorten suboccipital muscles, upper trapezius, pectoralis major and minor and weaken deep neck flexor, middle and lower trapezius. This postural error is called upper cross syndrome that contributes headaches and neck pain. Anterior pelvic tilt is due to weak gluteus maximus and abdominals that cannot hold the pelvic in the position that rocks anteriorly. Tight hip flexor and low back extensor musculature are anterior pelvic tilters that make pelvic tilt anteriorly. Lower cross syndrome is a characteristic feature of musculature imbalance of these four muscle. 

The Relationship Between Subluxation And Degeneration – Chiropractor Near Me

Vertebral subluxation are commonly caused by injuries, bad posture, prolonged sitting, emotional stress and repetitive movements. Vertebral subluxation may not cause any pain initially, but patients may feel a bit stiff and discomfort where the subluxation is.

If the vertebral subluxation is not corrected for a while, the stiff joint and reduced range of motion will occur and associate with pain. As time goes on, normal spinal curvature will be lost. A loss of cervical (neck) lordosis may cause the change of weight distribution to the cervical discs. Different level of disc herniation at the cervical region can happen when the problem persists. Nerve impingement due to the compression of disc bulging can result in pins and needles and burning pain to corresponded nerve innervate areas. Likewise, poor posture may trigger disc bulging in the lumbar region and cause sciatica, which radiates from lower back to the glutes, back thighs, legs or/and heels.

No matter acute pain or chronic pain patients tend to have a thought that going to see chiropractors when the pain they cannot tolerate anymore. Chiropractic manipulation is a fast and effective treatment to greatly alleviate musculoskeletal pain and remove vertebral subluxation.

However, not every time the issue is reversible. When the musculoskeletal problem persists, for example, chronic subluxation causes the joint stiffness, the affected joint will start the process of early degeneration. A loss of disc height and the formation of osteophytes are the feature of early spinal degeneration. These changes lead to chronic joint pain and significant reduced range of motion of the joint. Due to the joint stiffness, muscles that attach to the joint working harder to generate the movement become tight and tense.

Even though degeneration will happen eventually when aging, chronic pain generated from arthritis and reduced joint motion greatly affected the quality of life.

The process of degeneration is irreversible. Spinal manipulation can definitely improve joint motion and pain intensity, but degenerated joints will not be changed structurally. The low grade of inflammation will associated with arthritis. Therefore, the joint pain relapses frequently.

Benefits Of Having Regular Chiropractic Care – Chiropractor Near Me

Postural Correction And Spinal Health – Chiropractor Near Me

Doing regular chiropractic maintenance can keep the spinal alignment and muscle relaxation. It may potentially prevent from the early joint degeneration and pain flare. It is unnecessary to wait until pain becomes more serious to go to see the chiropractor for treatments and maintenance.

Your chiropractor will use static and motion palpation to identify the misalignment of your spine. Static palpation is that the patient literally stay still and the chiropractor palpate the spine and soft tissue to find subluxation, pain and problematic soft tissues(inflammation). In motion palpation, the patient is mobilized into different directions to locate the affected joint and identify the direction of the joint restriction.

During the maintenance session, your chiropractor will adjust the spines to restore the joint motion when misalignment is found through palpation. The presence of vertebral subluxation may not present any pain or symptoms at all. Performing monthly chiropractic adjustment can keep you away from pain and the early degeneration. Also, better posture can be achieved because no restriction to stop you sits or stands straighter.

The frequency of chiropractic maintenance really depends on chiropractic patients’ health conditions, occupations, posture and pain intensity and so on. Generally, once a month for maintenance is enough to keep spinal health. If the patient has a lot of physical work, bad posture and high pain intensity, it may require more frequent treatment than once a month. Maintenance visits can also be once every six weeks if the patient has good posture and active lifestyle.

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