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Chiropractic Care Connects You to Better Vision

If you are wondering how neck and back health can impact your vision, there is a surprisingly simple explanation. Chiropractic care operates with the knowledge that the body is all connected and that optimal health is maintained through whole body wellness. Misaligned vertebrae or impeded nerves can therefore contribute to vision problems, ranging from irregular fuzziness in your eyesight, to minor vision loss following a spinal injury.

The Spine Controls Your Nervous System

The spine plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your entire body. The upper back and neck, known as the cervical spine, is arguably the most important stretch of communication highway in the nervous system. When inflammation or blockage affects this area specifically, problems can occur throughout other parts of the body, such as your vision system.

This is because the optic nerve is directly connected to the central nervous system, so any disruption can affect the optic nerve, causing vision impairment. Additionally, our eyes rely on adequate blood flood to get the oxygen they need. When your arteries are restricted by blockage of this natural flow, blurry vision or other eyesight problems may be evident. Targeted cervical spinal adjustments can correct subluxation in the cervical spine, allowing healthy blood flow, along with nutrients and oxygen to the eyes in order to improve vision caused by these issues.

Vision Problems Improved By Chiropractic Care

If you already have to wear glasses to improve your vision, chiropractic care may not keep you from still seeing your optometrist. Even so, there are some issues in particular that can still be addressed, such as:

  • Vision issues that take place after a spinal/neck injury
  • Fuzziness or blurriness issues
  • Sensitive or watery eyes
  • Tunnel vision or double vision
  • Decreased eyesight due to glaucoma or diabetes

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Vision

There are ways regular chiropractic visits can help with vision problems. Chiropractic care can:

  • Regulate blood supply and improve blood flow: the optic nerve needs blood flow and oxygen to work properly. Restricted blood flow can cause depth perception, blurriness, and other vision issues. A chiropractic adjustment can correct any misalignments to make sure the blood and oxygen flow to the optic nerve.
  • Improve the communication in the central nervous system and restore nerve function. The communication between nerves can be disrupted by the smallest spine misalignment. This means that the optic nerve can be easily affected and cause vision issues.
  • Reduce eye pressure. People who suffer from diabetes or glaucoma have eye pressure and without treating it can lead to eye loss. Chiropractic care can reduce this pressure by regulating blood flow.

In conclusion, whole-body wellness is determined by your spinal health and maintaining it regularly. Because of the direct connection between the spine, the central nervous system, and vision health, chiropractic care can help fix these issues caused by obstructed nerves and restore your eyesight. The health benefits of chiropractic care are too good to be true!Chiropractic Spinal Alignments Near You!

If you have been struggling with vision issues because of spinal misalignment, we can help you out! 

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