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How flat feet cause low back pain

What are flat feet?

A flat foot is characterized by your feet having low arches, which makes the entire sole of your foot touch the ground when you walk.

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Flat feet are a common, usually painless condition seen in individuals who fail to develop arches in childhood. Someone may develop flat feet following an injury or simply the wear and tear stress of aging.

There are many reasons for the formation of flat feet, which can also be divided into congenital factors and acquired factors, physiological factors or pathological factors, etc.

Do you have Flat Feet?

Flat feet in general cognition belong to “structural flat feet”, also known as rigid flat feet, which refers to the situation where there is no force on the soles of the feet such as sitting or lying flat, or there is no arch of the foot.

Another type of physiological flat foot, also known as soft flat foot, refers to the arch when the sole of the foot is not under force, but becomes flat foot because the sole of the foot cannot be supported when the force is applied. It is difficult for most people to find that their arches are close to each other when standing and walking.

To assess whether you may have flat feet, you can observe the wear and tear of your shoes frequently and compare the height of the arches of your feet when you are sitting and standing.

Many people with flat feet, especially children with flat feet, who have no symptoms do not need treatment. Only a small number of children with flat feet may gradually cause changes in the overall body posture.

Foot problems can affect other joints of the human body, which may cause lower back, knee and hips pain and arthritis. Individuals with flat feet may have low back pain as the only symptom.

A new study in the United States found that women with flat feet are more likely to suffer from low back pain. The study pointed out that women with flat feet have a 50% increase in the risk of lower back pain compared with those with normal arches.

How do you treat back pain caused by flat feet?

The treatment is based on different situations. There is no need to see the doctor or have the treatment when you don’t have pain or other problems. However, if you have symptoms like low back pain, you should receive the treatment immediately. Early correction can help improve the condition. The way of treatment may include wearing custom orthotics and chiropractic management.

Prescribed orthotics are effective to treat back pain caused by flat feet. The arch support can help you improve the shape of the arch when you are standing or sitting. It is highly recommended that the choice and use of orthotics must follow the advice from the professional chiropractors. You will find that your low back pain is released when your feet shape improves.

Chiropractic treatment is increasingly popular in many countries. Chiropractors can help patients realign spine, release low back pain and correct the fallen arches to form a better posture. This natural and non-invasive therapy treat enables you to prevent associated pains and improve the quality of life.

Before you look for the treatment from chiropractors near you, it is important to do some phone general inquiries about the chiropractic therapy. Flat feet are not the only factor causing low back pain, you can also consult your general doctor about other causes. You can make phone appointments before you go to the clinic.

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