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The Ponds NSW 2769 is a fast growing suburb and a huge residential areas. The ponds shopping centre and town square in Rouse Hill provide entertainment, retail stores, varies services and parking areas for the suburbs around. The suburbs including Rouse Hill, Schofields, Stanhope Gardens and Kellyville Ridge are surrounding the Ponds.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the mode of working has been changed. Office workers in different industries are required to work from home. Home office setting may not be the same as the work place.

For example, ergonomic tables and chairs are designed for better and healthier sitting posture and put less stress to the spine. Furthermore, height-adjustable tables that provide at the office allow workers to change their positions frequently.

Incorrect home office setting and sitting posture leads to musculoskeletal pain such as headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Long sedentary time will even worsen the pain.

Correct Sitting Posture – Chiropractor Near Me

Many employers and employees have not set up their home offices properly. The onset of neck pain and lower back pain occurs more frequent. 90-90-90 sitting posture is a ideal position to reduce stress on the postural muscles and spine.

Elbows, hips and knee joints should keep at the right angles. Forearms, hands and feet should put on the table and floor comfortably. Screen and eyes are at the horizontal level. The head is on the torso and should not protrude forward. 

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Working from home will be the trend of the future, even without pandemic of COVID-19. Investing on height-adjustable tables, ergonomic tables and chair is necessary to set up a better environment to prevent musculoskeletal conditions.

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