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Why do you need Kings Langley massage therapy?

Are you stressed due to working overtime?  Are you an active person who loves sports?  Do you always have tight neck, back and shoulder muscles? Being a modern person is hard to avoid having muscular pain. Our massage therapists help people from Kings Langley, Bella Vista, Seven Hills, Kellyville and Toongabbie.

An 8 to 10-hour prolonged sitting is normal for an office worker. Having a Poor posture at the desk may result in neck pain and back pain.  The head shifting forward may cause severe and constant headaches. Likewise, daily typing and mouse use could lead to elbow pain and shoulder pain due to overuse.  Monitor, table and chair heights are crucial to office workers’ spinal health. If the office setting is incorrect, a variety of muscular conditions could occur. Stress from work could cause shoulder and neck muscle tension and tension headaches.

Pregnant women after the first trimester always have back pain and leg pain due to the change in belly size. As gestation goes on, the size of the abdomen is getting bigger. The compression of the pelvic artery and vein causes fluid retention in the lower limbs. The weight of the baby put more pressure on the future mother’s spine. The back muscle group have to work harder to maintain the posture. The anterior pelvic tilt will occur to support the belly. Back pain and leg pain will get more severe in the second and third trimesters.

Athletes and amateurs are active in sports. Muscle overuse is commonly seen in athletes and amateurs with an intensive training programme. Hypertonic muscles reduce the joint range of motion (ROM) and muscle flexibility. Lack of flexibility may lead to sports injuries during sports events. Post-sports events are tiring and make athletes fatigued. Athletes need fast recovery from sports events and prepare for the next one.

Massage Therapy Near Me

Kings Park Chiropractic near Kings Langley provides different types of massage including deep tissue massage, sports massage, remedial massage and pregnancy massage. The clinic is located in Kings Park. People from surrounding suburbs such as Kings Langley, Quakers Hill, Blacktown and Marayong can get the full body massage service from Kings Park Chiropractic.

Professional massage therapists will apply pressure according to patients’ complaints and the region of injured tissues. The application of stroke and pressure can vary from gentle to firm and from shallow to deep.

The main goal of massage depends on the type of massage. Sports massage aims for the prevention of sports injuries, and the improvement of sports performance. Remedial massage targets damaged tissues and promote the healing process. Pregnancy massage uses for supporting pregnant women for 40 weeks of gestation to reduce pains and aches, fluid retention and stress. Deep tissue massage utilises deep strokes to break down targeted post-injured scar tissues or adhesions in muscles or the layers between muscles and connective tissues.

Your local massage therapy service near Norwest, Baulkham Hills, The Ponds and Stanhope Gardens is easy and convenient to access. Kings Langley massage can completely relax your tense muscles and reduce your stress.

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