How does sports massage work? Sports Massage Near Me

How does sports massage work? Sports Massage Near Me

Sport is a physical activity that can improve physical body fitness and mental stress. All levels of sports competitions are used to find the best athletes for certain sports.
Professional athletes’ and amateurs’ goals are the enhancement of sports performances and the prevention of sports injuries so that they can enjoy doing sports and competing with their peers.
Sports massage is recommended to be a part of the training regime for both professional athletes and sports amateurs. So, how does sports massage work?

Benefits of Sports Massage – Sports Massage Near Me

  • Helps to improve performance
  • Reduces muscle spasm
  • Promotes healing
  • Greater removal of waste products
  • Keeps the muscles healthy
  • Helps improve range of movement
  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Helps improve recovery
  • Helps to prevent injuries
  • Break down or soften scar tissues

Professional massage therapists will assess patients’ muscles before performing a sports massage. Palpating soft tissues will be done from superficial to deep tissues. According to athletes’ subjective feeling, the result of palpation, the types of sport and training program, the target muscle group will be focused on the session of sports massage.

After intensive training or sporting events, muscles will be fatigued and lactic acid will be accumulated in muscles. Sports massage works on target deep tissues to help remove waste materials such as lactic acid. The chance of muscle spasm will be greatly reduced.

The healing and recovering process of overuse or injured muscles require a blood supply to repair damaged tissues. By applying pressure on injured tissues, blood and lymphatic circulations can be improved. More oxygen and nutrients will go into overuse muscles and waste products will be removed from muscles.

Sports massage can release tight muscle fibres in muscles forming myofascial trigger points. Aches and pains are reduced due to myofascial release. Releasing tension can reduce stress at the same time.

Sports massage and deep tissue massage can relax deep tissues, so muscles are more flexible. Joint range of movement (ROM) will increase, which can reduce the possibility of muscle injuries. Flexible muscles can generate more speed, strength and movement. Therefore, sports performance could be improved.

Scar tissues might form within muscles or between muscles and fascia when overusing muscles, which cause microtrauma. Sports massage could break down immature scar tissue and encourage to form functional tissues. Softening mature scar tissues could reduce pain and stress when the muscle contraction

Looking for Sydney Sports massage and Remedial massage therapies? Sports Massage Near Me

Chiropractic or Chiropractor Near Me

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