Three Amazing Benefits of Needling Therapy

What Exactly Is Dry Needling?

As the name suggests, dry needling involves inserting thin needles into specific points in your body’s muscles or connective tissues.

While this may sound uncomfortable at first, with the intended benefit of pain relief. When the needles are inserted into a trigger point, they’re said to stimulate the release of biochemical compounds that help relieve pain and reduce tension in the surrounding muscles.

The treatment is intended to help doctors address musculoskeletal problems that may resist conventional medicines and treatments. 

As we mentioned, dry needling is the process of stimulating specific pressure points in the body that are associated with pain management and inflammation. When these trigger points are stimulated through the insertion of thin needles, the intended outcome is to send signals to the nervous system that tells your brain to relax and stop producing pain signals from that specific area.

The Three Top Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

Relieve Pain and Muscle Tightness

What makes dry needling an effective way to reduce pain in specific areas of the body is that it targets trigger points. Let’s say you’re suffering from shoulder or neck pain, the therapist will insert needles into detected trigger points. The needles will release tension, inflammation, chemicals, and pressure in the muscles that has caused the pain. The results will lead to an improved range of motion and immediate pain relief.

Improved Range of Motion

Similar to how dry needling relieves tension and pressure in trigger points, this process helps improve overall movement of an injury. If you’re an athlete who is constantly on the move, having fluid movement and having a full range of motion is key to your success. Let’s use the shoulder again as an example. if you’re a baseball player, having a full range of motion in your shoulder is important when successfully throwing a baseball. By constantly throwing a baseball, you put a lot of stress on your shoulder and it’s important to relax your muscles and reduce tightness. Dry needling can help reduce this pain and improve overall function of your shoulder so you won’t feel constant discomfort in your shoulder or another injury.

Speeds Up Recovery

Anytime you suffer an injury, the worst and longest part is the recovery process. Yes, some injuries require longer recovery periods than other but regardless, we’re all anxious to get back to full strength. With dry needling, patients have experienced quicker pain relief and improved range of motion. This is one of the best benefits of dry needling therapy as it speeds up the healing process compared to other treatment options.

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