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How To Stop Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders are used during nearly all activities we participate in daily. For this reason, when we have shoulder pain, we are severely limited in our ability to take part in said activities.

Furthermore, a shoulder injury can cause nagging pain, even when you barely move your arm at all. While there are ways to rehab your shoulders after an injury, it’s always best to prevent shoulder injuries in the first place, if possible.

Top Tips for Shoulder Pain Prevention

Next, let’s review some of the best tips for avoiding shoulder pain and injuries.

Tip #1: Perform Regular Strengthening Exercise

Perhaps the best tip for bulletproofing your shoulders is to keep them strong. By making the muscles surrounding this joint as stable as possible, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to limit injury. 

Furthermore, having strong shoulder muscles will make it easier to recover after an injury, should you suffer from one.

Tip #2: Keep Your Shoulders Flexible.

Along with low levels of strength, another major problem that can lead to shoulder injuries is stiffness. 

Inflexible muscles often lead to poor movement coordination. As a result, you may compensate for your stiff shoulders by using your back and other joints to accomplish tasks. This can even result in back pain or issues elsewhere in the body, in addition to shoulder problems.

Tip #3: See Your Chiropractor Regularly

Chiropractic manipulations can keep your spine strong, flexible, and healthy. Because the spine is closely involved in all processes of the body, a misalignment can often lead to injuries, decreased healing ability, and many other problems. Luckily, by keeping regular chiropractic appointments, you can be sure that your spine is in the optimal position at all times. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you are taking a great step toward keeping your shoulders injury-free. 

What Can Your Chiropractor Do For Your Shoulder Pain?

Many times, the pain you are feeling in your shoulder is related to an injury or a subluxation somewhere else in the body. Many times, neck or rib cage injuries can lead to pain or discomfort in the shoulder region. In addition to adjusting the shoulder joint, or other impacted joints that may be leading to your pain, your chiropractor may teach you at-home exercises and stretches that will help with this shoulder discomfort.

Strengthening exercises are often a great way to rebuild stability in a weak or painful shoulder. Working on your posture is also a great way to prevent shoulder pain if your discomfort comes from sitting and working at a desk all day.

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