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Is Chiropractic Treatment For Colic Pain In Babies Effective? Chiropractor Near Me

Are your babies crying excessively and inconsolably? Are you frequently feeding them every 2 hours? Apart from inconsolable crying, otherwise healthy. Your babies with prolonged crying and constant feeding may suffer from colic pain.

What is colic pain in babies? Chiropractor Near Me

Colic is prolonged and persisting crying for several hours at the same time every day. Colic normally occurs late in the afternoon or early in the evening. Colic occurs in infants aged 0-3 months. The theories of central nervous system immaturity, intestinal microbiota imbalance and circadian rhythm change are believed to result in excessive crying. However, most of the cases are no obvious reason that causes infantile abdominal pain. The risk factors of colic are not fully understood. Research has shown that infants with colic are not associated with their genders, gestational age or feeding (formula-fed or breast-fed).

Signs and symptoms of colic

  • Crying loudly that seems like screaming
  • The episode of intense crying occurs at predictable timing each day (late in the afternoon or early in the evening
  • Crying loudly with no obvious reason such as the urge to eat or diaper change
  • Flushed face with paler skin around the mouth when crying
  • Distended and tense abdomen with stiffened arms and legs
  • Cold feet and clenched fists
  • Symptom relief sometimes when having bowel movement or passing gas

Long-term effects to untreated colicky infants

Young babies with uncontrolled and prolonged crying may have long-term developmental problems. Difficult behavioural issue (temper tantrums) and disturbed sleep patterns (nocturnal waking) in toddlers are frequently reported with untreated post colicky infants.

Prolonged and excessive crying babies

Research has found prolonged and excessive crying babies associated with maternal anxiety disorders and postpartum depression. Also, breast-feeding problems may occur due to maternal anxiety.

Shaken baby syndrome

Parents may feel angry, helpless and exhausted with unsettle babies. Shaken baby syndrome is an abusive head trauma by forcefully shaking a baby which can lead to severe consequence such as brain damage or even death.

Is chiropractic care safe for colicky babies? Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractic spinal manipulation for colic is completely safe for infants who have little spines. With much smaller spines, paediatric chiropractors will only require high velocity and very low force to realign the subluxation of colicky babies compared to adults. Furthermore, assisted tools such as drop pieces and activators are commonly utilised for the treatment of infantile colic. These tools generally do not cause unique audible sound from babies’ joints during chiropractic adjustments, but correct the subluxation. 

The efficacy of chiropractic manual therapy for colic pain

Chiropractic manipulative therapy is very effective and safe for infants with uncomplicated colic pain. Uncomplicated colic pain normally results from spinal subluxation complex. A prospective study revealed 94% of colicky infants who received chiropractic care were resolved within 14 days. A single blind randomized controlled trial has shown that chiropractic care had significant improvement in hours of crying(2.4 hours) compared to medication group (1 hour) by trial days 4 to 7. A systematic review and meta-analyses reported manual therapy for infantile colic had favourable evidence in terms of the reduction of crying time.

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