How To Find Remedial Massage Near Me?

Remedial Massage Near Me

Finding a good masseur can be difficult sometimes. The most common way to find a remedial massage therapist is to search on Google or other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Entering the keyword “Remedial massage near me” on Google will show all massage shops nearby you according to your location.

The google reviews show the previous clients’ comments on the massage shops or specific massage therapists. Word of mouth is another common way to find a good remedial massage therapist. You may find a massage therapist that you are satisfied on the either way.

What Conditions Do You Need Massage therapies? Remedial Massage Near Me

Many people frequently ask that when and what conditions they should get massage. People of all ages visit remedial massage therapists with different reasons. Office workers and other occupations have long sedentary time.

Upper cross syndrome and lower cross syndrome are not uncommon among office workers. Anterior head carriage, hunch back and anterior pelvic tilt are commonly seen on people that have a lot of desk work.

Maintaining this posture error results in some muscle groups have to work extra hard. Bus drivers, taxi drivers and truck drivers will have the similar issue due to prolonged driving. New mums who do breastfeeding always have neck pain and back pain due to the bad posture. Carrying their babies will further worsen and tighten the arm and back muscles.

Labors and factory workers have a lot of repetitive movements and heavy lifting on a daily basis. Overuse injuries such as muscle strain and ligament sprain are a very common injury type for them. Professional athletes and sport amateurs who have intensive training and sport events have muscle aches and pain even sports injuries.

People with whiplash due to car accidents could have soft tissue injuries, hypertonic neck and shoulder muscles. Untreated whiplash can become a chronic condition that leads to headaches and neck pain.

Patients who have pain and damage tissues due to the bad posture, injuries and overuse can get pain relief at any stage of the conditions. Professional massage therapists will target the injured tissue and work on it.

Different types of stroke techniques are utilized depends on the range, depth and pressure. Highly qualified remedial massage therapists will try to deliver the maximal pressure that patients can take. The benefit of it is to initiate the healing process and accelerate the recovery time.

Types Of Massage – Remedial Massage Near Me

Apart from tension and pain relief, massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety. There are so many different types of massage such as deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, remedial massage and sports massage. Which type of massage do you choose? It depends on what you are looking for and what condition you are.

Remedial Massage – Remedial Massage Near Me

Remedial massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focus on parts of the body rather than the whole body. Remedial therapists target the damage tissues that require rehabilitation and the symptoms it causes.

The radiated pain can be referred from the other parts of the body. Remedial massage can solve both the original pain generator and the referral pain. Varied pressure and strokes from gentle to strong and from shallow to deep can be applied in order to stimulate and repair the injured soft tissues.

Pregnancy Massage – Remedial Massage Near Me

Pregnancy massage is a special type of massage for pregnancy women. Due to the size of the belly after the 1st trimester, pregnancy women may not be able to lie in the prone position. Placing the special belly pillow for pregnancy women on the massage table, so that they can lie on their tummy. Alternatively, professional masseurs will perform massage on the side-lying position.

The point of pregnancy massage is to relax the hypertonic back muscles and improve the blood circulation and the lymphatic drainage in order to reduce lower back pain and fluid retention in the lower limbs.

Sports Massage – Remedial Massage Near Me

Professional athletes and sport amateurs always use sports massage to prevent sports injuries and improve the sport performance. Intensive sport training and continuous sport events result in the accumulate of lactic acid in the tight muscles and sport injuries. Tight muscles not only cause musculoskeletal pain but also reduce joint range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. Sports massage can stretch hypertonic muscles, improve joint ROM and accelerate injured tissue healing.

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