How To Choose Remedial Massage Near Me

What type of massage is suitable for you?

Causes of pain – Remedial Massage Near Me

Oxygen and nutrients are essential for Muscles to generate energy. Waste materials and carbon dioxide are made and accumulated in the muscles. The transmission of these materials relies on blood vessels to exchange. Bad blood circulation, muscle overuse, muscle injuries and stress can result in forming myofascial trigger points.
Myofascial trigger points are palpable nodules(or “knots”) found in hypertonic muscles. These myofascial trigger points can cause persistent local and referral pain.

How does massage work? – Remedial Massage Near Me

Massage treatment in general has physical effects on soft tissues such as muscles. tendons, ligaments and myofascial by qualified massage therapists. Applying pressure on these soft tissues enhance blood and lymphatic circulation. The improvement of circulation can remove waste materials, excessive fluid and bring in oxygen and nutrients to tight muscles.
Also, relaxing muscles helps release muscle spasm and inactivate myofascial trigger points. The mobilisation and relaxation of superficial connective tissues also indirectly relax deep tissues. Pain and stress are therefore released.

Types – Remedial Massage Near Me

There are so many types of massage, which apply on different aspects. Remedial massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology massage are a few examples of massage. Base on different needs, a certain type of massage should be chosen.

Remedial massage therapy is a therapeutic approach to encourage injured tissues to heal. The depth and applied force of massage can vary. Professional remedial massage therapists determine the pressure of massage from shallow to deep and gentle to strong depending on the issue.

The aim of sports massage is more unique than other types of massage. Its fundamental goal is to enhance sports performance in terms of strength, speed or movement and to prevent sports injuries.

The hot stone massage is a relaxing massage. Heated stones made of basalt are put on specific areas of the body. Muscle tension, pain, anxiety and stress will be released.

Trigger point massage(or trigger point therapy) is a release technique. By pressing on myofascial trigger points(Trps), a twitch response is elicited in order to deactivate Trps and get a myofascial release.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy to stimulate reflex points on ears, hands or feet. Applying pressure on reflex points can improve life force or Qi flow. Stress, aches and pain in correspond areas of the body are alleviated.

Looking for Remedial Massage Near Me in Sydney CBD?

Booking an appointment for a remedial massage in Sydney online by one click here. However, if any flu-like symptoms (such as fever, dry cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) are present, please go for the coronavirus test and quarantine yourself.

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