What is workers compensation? Chiropractor Near Me

Workers compensation (also called workers comp or WorkCover) insurance is one of the business insurances that cover workers or employees who have workplace injuries or illnesses. The insurance will pay for medical treatment costs and wages for injured or ill workers before they are capable of working at the pre-injured level.

Are you entitled to get NSW workers compensation? Chiropractor Near Me

When you get a work-related condition or injury, you should report your employer first. Then, see your nominated treating doctor (your general practitioner in the majority of the cases) to confirm the condition is work-related.

If you are entitled to workers comp, the general practitioner will recommend injury management for your work-related injury or illness. Also, your medical doctor will issue you a document called the certificate of capacity that your employer needs to submit to the insurer

You are required to see the general practitioner (GP) to reassess your capacity and condition on a monthly basis.

Is chiropractic care covered under workers compensation? Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractors help injured workers recover from musculoskeletal-related or neuromuscular conditions. Manual therapy including spinal manipulation may be applied to alleviate pain and restore joint motion.

Workers compensation scheme will pay for your chiropractic treatment costs. You can pay first and then get the rebate from the insurance company or your chiropractor will manage the payment with your workcover. The approval of chiropractic sessions is required by your nominated treating doctor. if you are unsure whether you have approval to see the allied health professional, you should enquire your treating doctor.

What if you cannot go to see the chiropractor in the clinic?

Home visits and telehealth are also available if you cannot go to see the chiropractor face-to-face in the clinic. Workers compensation system will cover the expense of these services.

What if you get injured in more than one part of your body? Chiropractor Near Me

It is no extra cost for you even if your work-related injury or condition is more than one separate part of the body. The insurance company will pay for the chiropractic treatment cost according to the number of separate injured regions.

Are there any limits to getting chiropractic treatments for your work-related injury? Chiropractor Near Me

Your chiropractor, medical doctor and case manager from your workers comp work together to help you recover from the injury and return to work. According to your recovery rate and capacity, your doctor will give you a new certificate of capacity monthly.

The new certificate of capacity shows your current work capacity such as lift capacity, working hours and the frequency of rest break. It will be taken as a guide to indicate whether more conservative treatment will be required. The application of further treatment sessions is submitted if the chiropractor also recognises that more treatment sessions are needed, in accordance with the certificate of capacity.

Workcover case manager will approve or deny the request of further treatment sessions based on the judgments of medical practitioners, specialists and health practitioners.

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