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All you need to know about Chiropractors

Pain is always an issue that greatly affect the quality of life and daily activities. For example, 1 in 6 Australians (16% of the Australian population) are affected by back pain. It put a lot of burden on the medical system. Many passionate people want to be healthcare professionals to help others.

Healthcare professionals such as Physio, occupational therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors are service providers who use physical therapy to alleviate pain. Studying Chiropractic is one of the popular options. A majority of Chiropractors are manual adjusters that use hands-on and bloodless approaches. It could reduce pain from conditions such as neck pain, back pain and sciatica. 

How to become a Chiropractor in Australia?



A registered Australian Chiropractor needs to study a bachelor of Chiropractic degree and a master of Chiropractic degree. There are four accredited universities offering Chiropractic courses. They are RMIT University, Macquarie University, Murdoch University and Central Queensland University located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

The course can be studied full-time or part-time. Neurology, orthopaedic, clinical skills, Chiropractic practical ethics, diagnosis and manual adjusting skills are taught throughout the whole course. Chiropractic students are encouraged to work as Chiropractic assistants to get Chiropractic clinical experience and enhance communication skills. In the final year of the master degree, Chiropractic students need to work in Student Chiropractic Clinics.

For the patients’ safety and the learning progress, all the process of clinical diagnosis and treatment methods are under supervision. Students also work in the front desk to arrange and confirm patients’ appointments. In order to graduate, Chiropractic students need to take particular numbers of cases and sharpen clinical skills as manual adjusters. 

Job opportunities


Healthcare professionals (Physio and Occupational therapists) can work at hospitals, nursing homes or private clinics. But Australian Chiropractors work at private practices or some nursing homes. Private practices always welcome and provide Job opportunities for Chiropractic fresh graduates. Chiropractic job positions are posted on the websites and social media of Australian Chiropractic Association and Chiropractic Classifieds.

Available Chiropractic jobs are listed for those ideal candidates. Part time job positions are suitable for those who are looking for flexible working hours. Chiropractic locum jobs allow qualified Chiropractors temporarily work in the clinics to cover other absent full time Chiropractors. 

Funds from varied sources

Chiropractor Insurance

There are five main types of fund sources that people to pay for or cover some of Chiropractic service fees.

Patients can get rebate from their private health insurance to cover parts of the treatment cost. Private insurance heath funds include hospital and extras health insurance. Extras benefits from health insurance companies normally cover the cost of seeing allied health professionals. Different health professionals are classified in different benefit categories.

The covered items and certain amount of funds for each category of health professionals depend on the level of premium. Extras benefits will reset on the first day of calendar year(1st January) or financial year(1st July). Unused extras health benefits will not accumulate to the following year.

National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) is a fund that the Australian government uses to support permanent disable Australians. Chiropractors can register as NDIS providers to support the disable. Chiropractic care and exercise advice are given to support the daily activities of people with significant disability. Payments can be made by NDIS or self-managed plans.

In Australia, comprehensive car insurance are optional, but Compulsory Third Party(CTP) green slip are mandatory to purchase for each driver. The driver at fault in a car accident has a liability to compensate the injured persons’ treatment costs. The motor vehicle injuries are assessed and graded by your treating doctors to determine whether it is minor or serious injuries.  

The number of treatment sessions varies according to the grade of injuries. The first eight sessions are normally available for injured patients no matter what grade of the injuries is. Stiffed Neck, Neck Pain and Headaches are the common symptoms of Whiplash after car accidents. Chiropractic care and physical therapies will be given in order to recover and perform pre-injured level of activities. 

Business insurance such as workers compensation insurance is also compulsory for corporations to insure their employees. Any work-related injuries or diseases would be covered by workers compensation insurance. Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are always seen due to work-related injuries. Injured workers need to reports their employers if any injuries occur.

General Practitioners(GPs) assess injured employees and approve workers compensation. The treatment costs to see allied health professionals will be compensated by their employers. Health professionals will help workers to achieve the pre-injury capability by physical therapies. GPs will reassess monthly to follow up the progress of recovery.

Veterans’ gold or white cardholders can receive chiropractic treatments when spinal and muscular conditions. General Practitioners’ approval to these conditions and referrals are needed. Referrals are valid for 1 year and/or up to 12 sessions of Chiropractic services. The reassessment of the conditions is required from treating General Practitioners to approve if further Chiropractic care is needed.

A chronic disease management plan also known as an Enhanced Primary Care(EPC) plan is given by General Practitioners. Funding is from Medicare system to cover the cost of allied health professionals’ consultations and treatments.

People who have chronic diseases more than half a year are eligible to apply the EPC plan. Up to five sessions of Chiropractic treatments per calendar year are available. The gap of treatment fees is not charged at the bulk billing chiropractic clinic.

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